Episode 43 – Bootlegs and Tape Trading

Back in ancient times, before Netflix and Amazon Prime, before Hulu and YouTube, even before DVDs and Blu-rays, if films weren’t available to you from either your local video stores, or if you wanted to see an uncut print of a movie, or even one that wasn’t released on VHS, the place you could find them would be in fuzzy gray market of the bootlegs.

These types of vendors were a staple to a lot of the early movie conventions, where fans could find titles that never even knew were out there. Some of us are old enough to remember being able to finally see the uncut full letterboxed version of Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond, after years of suffering though only being able to see the heavily edited Seven Doors of Death.

As your collection grew, you would usually start trading with others, increasing your collection even more, as well as helping to spread the love and passion of these amazing films. This is what we’re discussing in this episode, so sit back and either reminisce with us, or learn about the good old days, when we were happy for a 5th generation grainy print of Anthropophagus that had the infamous fetus scene!

Films mentioned in this episode:

Anthropophagus aka The Grim Reaper (1980), Army of Darkness (1992), Bad Taste (1987), The Beyond aka Seven Doors of DeathT (1981), Beyond the Darkness (1979), Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971), Braindead aka Dead Alive (1992), Cannibal Ferox aka Make Them Die Slowly (1981), Cannibal Holocaust (1980), City of the Living Dead aka Gates of Hell (1980), A Cold Night’s Death (1973), Dawn of the Dead (1978), Dellamorte Dellamore (1994), Emanuelle and the Last Cannibal aka Trap Them and Kill Them (1977), Faces of Death (1978), Female Vampire (1973), Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971), Friday the 13th (1980), Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974), The Ghost Galleon (1974), Guinea Pig: Flower and Flesh and Blood (1985), Hardware (1990), The Haunting (1963), I Drink Your Blood (1971), Jungle Holocaust (1977), Lady Frankenstein (1971), Mad Love (1935), Man Made Monster (1941), Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994), Meet the Feebles (1989), Mondo Magic (1975), Nekromantik (1988), Nekromantik 2 (1991), Night of the Seagulls aka Night of the Death Cult (1975), Opera (1987), Return of the Living Dead (1985), The Third Eye (1966), Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972), Zombie (1979)

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