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Aaron AuBuchon ran face first into Frankenstein on TV at age five, slicing open his heart in the process and leading him to discover that his blood was one part red food coloring and nine parts spooky crap. It’s been a downhill ride ever since. When not watching or reading about horror, cult, and exploitation films, Aaron teaches film and video production and film studies at Webster University in St. Louis, where he inflicts those nine parts on any undergrad that shares his compulsion. He also writes about horror films (and other kinds of films sometimes, too) for publications such as Grindhouse Purgatory, Midnight! Magazine, We Belong Dead and HorrorHound and books like A Pictorial History of Hammer Horror and the upcoming EuroHorror and Mistresses of the Macabre. You can also check out a blog he started with a couple of friends at, where you can read even more spooky crap if you also have a heart full of weird blood.

Damien Glonken is most known as the co-creator of Living Dead Dolls, which holds the record for the longest continuously running horror themed dolls. A lifelong horror fan since the age of five, after being dragged to the theatre by his parents to watch The Car, he has previously written for entertainment websites, horror magazines, in addition to being a published artist and guitar/bass player to anyone who likes to bleed from the ears. In Damien’s spare time, he collects horror movie posters, watches horror movies, reads about watching horror movies and talks about reading and watching horror movies to anyone that will listen. See above about bleeding ears.

Jon Kitley is the Head Corpse at Kitley’s Krypt, which he’s been running since 1998. He’s also a staff writer at HorrorHound magazine, where you can read his Rondo Award winning column, They Came from the Krypt, amongst other articles and retrospectives. His work has also appear in books like Hidden Horror, Strange Blood, When Animals Attack, as well as appearing in several documentaries, such Monster Madness: The Golden Age of the Horror Film, Monster Madness: The Gothic Revival of Horror, and Fanex Files: Hammer Films, and in Shout Factory’s Horror Hunters! In 2019, he published his first book, appropriately titled, Discover the Horror.