Episode 33 – 2022 Wrap-Up

Last year, in Episode 7, we went over our favorite films that we watched for the first time in 2021. Now remember that we consider it a new movie if you’re watching for the first time, whether it came out this year, or 50 years ago. To you, it is still a new movie. In this episode, we take a look at our top 3 pics of our Best Viewed films that we watched in 2022. Plus, we also go through some of the films that actually did come out in 2022.

We also want to say thanks to everyone that continues to support Discover the Horror, listening to each show, and any and all feedback that we get. Please keep it coming, whether it’s on social media, comments here on the site, we want to hear what you think. It means the world to us knowing that we’re helping fans, both old and new, from the novice to the more weathered viewer, learn and seek out some titles to watch, or maybe even think about ones that you do know a little differently. That has always been our goal, and so far, we think it’s working.

Before you hit play, make sure you get a pen and notebook, because I think you’re going to want to write down some of these titles mentioned here to seek out for yourself. Ready? See you on the other side!

Films mentioned in this episode:

All the Moons (2020), Antlers (2021), The Bad Seed (1956), Barbarian (2022), Beast (2022), Beyond the Darkness (1979), Black Emanuelle (1975), Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (2022), Caligula and Messalina (1981), Caligula: The Untold Story (1982), Crimes of the Future (2022), The Cursed (2021), Dark Glasses (2022), The Deeper You Dig (2019), The Devil’s Nightmare (1979), Devil’s Wedding Night (1973), Django (1966), Errementari (2017), Firestarter (2022), Goodnight Mommy (2022), Halloween Ends (2022), Hellbender (2021), Hellraiser (2022), The House at the End of Time (2013), House of Darkness (2022), Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2022), Justine (1969), Lady Frankenstein (1971), Lady Morgan’s Vengeance (1965), The Lair (2022), Let the Right One In (2008), Men (2022), Monstrous (2022), Night’s End (2022), Nope (2022), Orphan: First Kill (2022), Pearl (2022), Pray for the Devil (2022), The Reef (2010), The Reef: Stalked (2022), The Requin (2022), The Ritual (2017), The Sadness (2022), Satan’s Slaves 2: Communion (2022), Scream (2022), Shark Bait (2022), Smile (2022), Speak No Evil (2022), Studio 666 (2022), Terrified (2017), Terrifier (2016), Terrifier 2 (2022), Terror Train (2022), They/Them (2022), The Third Eye (1966), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022), Umma (2022), V/H/S/99 (2022), The Watcher (2022), X (2022)

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