Episode 31: Unearthed Zombie Films

Sugar Hill (1974), Wild Zero (1999), Juan of the Dead (2011). Everyone loves zombie films. Ever since Romero brought them to the screen in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead, they have become one of the horror genre’s favorite and most used monster. With this sub-genre flooding the market over the last 2 decades, there are a lot of good films that get buried or forgotten. Because of that, we decided to dig up three titles that we feel need more time in the spotlight. They are all three uniquely different, with more than a little social commentary in there, but all damn entertaining.

So, sit back, take some notes, and then seek these films out! Even a genre as “dead” as zombies, there are still plenty of them to see that you’ll still find damn entertaining and well worth your time.

Movies mentioned in this episode:

Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970), Blacula (1972), Castle of the Living Dead (1964), Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1972), Dawn of the Dead (1978), The Dead (2010), Death Line (1972), Juan of the Dead (2011), Night of the Living Dead (1968), Poltergeist (1982), Race with the Devil (1975), Salem’s Lot (1979), Scream Blacula Scream (1973), Serpent and the Rainbow (1988), She-Beast (1966), Six-String Samurai (1998), Sugar Hill (1974), Under the Shadow (2016), White Zombie (1932), Wild Zero (1999)

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