Episode 14: Reference Books!

Before the Internet, horror reference books are where you’d go to learn about the genre. Whether it was film and video guides, biographies, or just general information titles, we learn about new titles as well as learn more about the ones we already knew. And it is still as effective today!

In this episode, we cover some titles that were essential to us, as well as some of our favorite titles today. Listen to the episode, take notes, and start to build your own library which will definitely help you along your journey in Discovering even MORE Horror!

Books Mentioned in this episode:

Analog Nightmares: The Shot on Video Horror Films of 1982-1995

The Best, Worst, and Most Unusual Horror Films

Beyond Horror Holocaust by Chas Balun

Biology of Science Fiction Cinema by Mark C. Glassy

Bleeding Skull! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey by Joseph A. Ziemba

Bleeding Skull! A 1990’s Trash-Horror Odyssey by Annie Choi, & Joseph A. Ziemba

Bizarro Encyclopedia of Film Volume 1 by John Skipp & Heather DrainCut! Horror Writers on Horror Films by Christopher Golden

Blood Circuits: Contemporary Argentine Horror Cinema by Johnathan Risner

Films of the New French Extremity by Alexandra West

Gore Score by Chas Balun

Hammer Complete by Howard Maxford

Hammer Dracula Scrapbook by Wayne Kinsey

Hammer Films Legacy by Wayne Kinsey

Hammer Frankenstein Scrapbook by Wayne Kinsey

Hammer’s Grand Design by Wayne Kinsey

Hidden Horror edited by Aaron Christensen

Horror 101: The A-List of Horror Films and Monster Movies edited by Aaron Christensen

Horror Films of the 1970s by John Kenneth Muir

Horror Films of the 1980s by John Kenneth Muir

Horror Films of the 1990s by John Kenneth Muir

Horror Films of the 2000s by John Kenneth Muir

Immoral Tales Pete Tombs & Cathil Tohill

Infogothic by Alister Hughes

It Came from Hunger by Larry Buchanan

J-Horror: The Definitive Guide to The Ring, The Grudge, and Beyond by David Kalat

Killing for Culture by David Kerekes & David Slater

A Look of Horror

Mondo Macabro by Pete Tombs

Official Splatter Movie Guide Vol. 1 & 2 John McCarty

Overlook Film Encyclopedia – Horror by Phil Hardy

A Pictorial History of Hammer Films edited by Eric McNaughton & Darrell Buxton

Profondo Agento by Alan Jones

Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film by Michael Weldon

Re/Search: Incredible Strange Films

Sex, Sadism, Spain, and Cinema: The Spanish Horror Film by Nicholas G. Schlegel

Spanish Horror Films by Antonio Lázaro-Reboll

Sweet and Savage: The World through the Mondo Film Lens by Mark Goodall & Jeremy Dyson

Universal Horrors Tom Weaver, Michael, and John Brunas

Unsung Horrors edited by Eric McNaughton & Darrell Buxton

A Vault of Horror: A Book of 80 Great British Horror Movies from 1956-1974 by Keith Topping

Video Hound’s Horror Show by Mike Mayo

Video Wasteland’s Rental, Reference, and Review Guide by Ken Kish

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