Welcome to Discover the Horror

Horror is the second oldest film genre, usually the most profitable, and has had a massive, dedicated fan base since they first horror film appeared around 1896. But because the genre has such a long and rich history, sometimes titles get lost in the shuffle. There are always new films coming out, which makes it even easier to lose sight of what has come before.

So, our goal is to give you reasons to explore horror you’ve never seen, and give you new ways to see horror you’ve loved for years. We hope to put the spotlight on some films, filmmakers, writers, artists, composers, and any of the many other creative people that have helped the genre along over the past century. By discussing some of these different subjects, we hope to interest you enough to want to seek them out.

We’re still prepping the show but we’re hoping for an October release of our first show. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Discover the Horror

  1. Finally got around to listening to your premier podcast, fantastic job guys! Not only are you guys fans, you have an enthusiasm and love for the genre and want to pass it on to others. Got to make the time to listen to your subsequent podcast episodes. I dig it and keep it coming, this fossil of Monster Kid is lovin’ it.


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